Innovation is at the core of our mission.

With a pioneer spirit, Corman has launched the innovations that have disrupted the butter business: Anhydrous Milk Fat, butter in sheets, fridge-spreadable butter, dietary cholesterol-reduced butter and our latest innovation, the first liquid butter, marketed under the brand Carlsbourg.

Milk fat knowledge

Improve state of the art knowledge on milk fat

New products

Innovate and create the products that will shape future markets


Develop unique, tailor-made solutions that perfectly match our clients’ needs and expectations

Technical assistance

Assist our clients with the industrial implementation of our solutions and ingredients

For 50 years, Corman has consistently and permanently invested in research and development focusing exclusively on butter, cream and milk fat. This unique effort worldwide enables us to be the technological leader in milk fat and to foster the innovation that brings life to our categories.

Our R&D work focuses on 4 missions:

  • Milk fat knowledge
  • New products
  • Tailor-made
  • Technical assistance

Award-winning innovation

Chosen examples of our prize & award winning innovation:

Beurre liquide

Beurre liquide

The first liquid browned butter, ready to use as soon as it is taken out of refrigeration.

Balade Vital

Balade Vital

Butter specialty to maintain a normal cholesterol level

Balade Clean Label Cream

Balade Clean Label Cream

The only light cream without additives. 100% flavourful with unmatched smoothness

beurre des chefs

beurre des chefs

The first ready-to-use clarified butter

BUTTERSign: lhe taste of butter captured in a natural flavor


The taste of butter captured in a natural flavor

Inn’Awards & Golden Archers


inn’awards & golden archers

INN’ Awards reward the most convincing innovations in Belgium. They are awarded by a jury of retail professionals and panel experts.

Golden Archers

Golden Archers, Best food and non-food products awards are granted each year by the Belgian Royal Retail Committee (Comité Royal Belge de la Distribution). The trophy given to winning products represents an archer whose arrows symbolise the new product that just hit the bull’s eye!

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