SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy

Since 1990, Corman has been a subsidiary of SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy.

Entreprise Savencia


Focusing on cheese specialties and high value added dairy ingredients, SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy is among the world’s leading milk processors, the No. 2 cheese group in France and the No. 5 worldwide. SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy is an independent family group listed with Euronext Paris. In each of the countries where we are present, we offer consumers products designed for them and backed by premium brands which are often part of their national heritage.

Fresh, mature, natural, flavored, resolutely traditional or absolutely new: we bring out all milk’s savors in our cheeses, butters, creams and in all our specialties. We also make the best use of milk’s remarkable nutritional and functional properties in our ingredients. Quality, innovation and commitment to excellence can be sensed and tasted in everything we undertake.

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In a nutshell

World leader
in cheese specialties
Products sold in
billion litres of milk processed
A turnover of
4 606
million euros
19 246
employees in 29 countries

SAVENCIA, it’s also…

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Consumer Brands

Caprice des Dieux
Saint Moret
Saint Agur
Elle & Vire
Saint Albray
Burgo de Arias - el original
Coeur de Lion

Foodservice and Industry Ingredients

Elle & Vire - Professionnel
Armor - Land of Innovative Solutions
Cheese Ingredients
Savencia Formage & Dairy Food Service
Fruisec - Depuis 1889